Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Will Breakfast Sandwiches be available?

A. Yes, Maura’s “Mad Sammies” (breakfast sandwiches) will remain at the center of the menu available at Simply Food by Maura and the hot box will be stocked and available for quick breakfast pick up.

Q. Will Newspapers and Racing Forms be available at Simply Food by Maura?

A. No, Simply Food by Maura will not manage newspapers, racing forms or any other subscription services.

Q. Will my favorite coffees, Starting Gate and Dark Horse, be available?

Absolutely! The coffee will be hot and ready for you every morning, and those fun flavored blends too!

Q. How about ice coffee?

Absolutely! As long as the weather is warm, we’ll have Iced Coffee available!

Q. Will Simply Food by Maura be able to assist with private catering events?

A. Yes, Simply Food by Maura will offer an expanded array of private catering services. This is an area that Maura loves and enjoys, and which she hopes to expand – give a call to discuss your next private event, no matter how small, Simply Food can make your meeting or event better!

Q. What about Chowder Fest? We love that Mac & Cheese Chowda!

A. You betcha! We can’t wait to bring Maura’s famous Mac & Cheese Chowder to our new location.

Q. Will my Loyalty Points from my 5 Points account carry-over to Simply Food by Maura?

A. Yes, customers who confirm their information with us before 8.31.20 will transition from 5 Points to Simply Food by Maura, and your loyalty points will not be affected. Be sure to ask for a card today!