Lunch Menu

Mad Lunch Sammies

Daily Specials
Check our Facebook or Instagram pages or call 518-584-1000 for info on our Daily Sandwich Specials,
Homemade Soups, and Weekly Salad Specials.

The Lincoln
grilled roast beef w/ grilled onions & cheddar on a toasted sub roll with our Kansas City steak sauce
on a 6″ sub roll $9.15
on a 12″ sub roll $13.95

The Reuben
hot pastrami, swiss and sauerkraut w/ russian dressing
on rye $8.95
on a 12″ sub roll $13.95

The Rachel
hot turkey, swiss and coleslaw w/ russian dressing
on rye $8.50

The Un-Rachel**
melted Swiss, and coleslaw w/ Russian dressing on grilled pretzel roll

The Jefferson
grilled ham, swiss and honey mustard
on grilled rye $7.50
on a 12″ sub roll $11.95

The Junior Decker
turkey, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo on your choice of toasted bread

Triple Decker
turkey, roast beef, mayo, romaine, tomato, American cheese and bacon stacked between
3 slices of toast (your choice of white, wheat, or rye)

Thatza Wrap
turkey, bacon, provolone, banana peppers, greens and chipotle ranch in a wheat tortilla

The Wilton
turkey, provolone, roasted red peppers, avocado mash, greens and onions
on a pretzel roll $9.25
on a 12″ sub roll $13.95

The Notorious RB(G)
traditional roast beef, cheddar, romaine, tomato and horseradish mayo
on a hard roll $8.50
on a 12″ sub roll $12.50

The Not So BLT**
unique combination of coconut and spices, lettuce, tomato and melted provolone on a flour tortilla


Homemade Soup of the Day…

Saratoga lunch
We offer a variety of homemade soups! Pictured here: Sausage & White Bean Soup, Chili, and Meatloaf Soup!
  • Small 8 oz – $4.99
  • Large 16 oz – $7.99
  • Quart 32 oz. – $9.99


  • Bag of Utz Chips (Assorted Flavors)…$2.19
  • Fresh-made Deli Salad…$1.75
  • Cookies…$2.25
  • Baked Goodies….$3.25


  • Soda 20oz Bottle (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite)...$2.50
  • Battenkill Milk (Plain or Chocolate)…$2.00
  • Poland Springs Water (half liter bottle)…$1.15
  • Simpy Orange…$2.50
  • Apple Juice Box…$1.00
  • Small Iced Tea…$2.75
  • Large Iced Tea…$3.25

Simply Coffee:

  • Small Hot Coffee…$2.00
  • Large Hot Coffee…$2.50
  • Small Iced Coffee…$2.75
  • Large Iced Coffee…$3.25
  • 12 oz Bag of Starting Gate Blend Beans…$9.99
  • 12 oz Bag of Dark Horse Blend Beans…$9.99